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FORUM'S UP! [09 Sep 2005|08:24pm]

[ mood | excited ]

ok ladies (from EVOLution :-)) the forum is up but not configured yet.
this means we can start with stage 1, which would be writing a letter template to send to all
fanfiction authors we like/ think are popular so they can send us their stories and we can put them up
on the site for voting. that's my idea at least. :-)


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our website [28 Aug 2005|05:56pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

here it is: http://evolution.juliaselch.com/ :-)

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[27 Aug 2005|03:04pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Ok I have a made a little bit of progress in our search for contact addresses I think. At least I have a
contact address for EMI in London now so I can write them about song royalty for "Phoenix from the Flames" because I'm
going to make a music vid for our organization to that song. If it doesn't turn out good we don't have to use it but I'd
love to try anyway. Besides that I'll be able to use it as part of my application for the Oxford Theatre school if it's really
good. :-)

So here is Robbie EMI: Corporate Communications Department, EMI Group plc, 27 Wrights Lane, London W8 5SW.

I'd suggest that I'll set up a nice letter later and then post it in here first so you guys can help me correct it and make it perfect and then I'll send it off tomorrow. In case we want to use "let LOVE be your energy" in our logo I'd have to put that into the letter as well, so whatcha guys think? :-)

Then here's another thing I found that proved totally useful: www.yellowpages.co.uk for the UK and www.yellowpages.com for the US

here again for EMI:
EMI Music Publishing Ltd
127, Charing Cross Rd, London, WC2H 0EA
Tel: 020 7434 2131 Classification: Music Publishing

Publishing Ltd (1) to address book EMI Records (UK)
E M I House, 43, Brook Green, London, W6 7EF
Tel: 020 7605 5000 Classification: Record Companies

book EMI Music
4, Tenterden St, London, W1S 1TA
Tel: 020 7795 7000 Classification: Music Management & Promotion

I don't know which of these we should use tho, maybe we should use the previous address because that comes directly from the stoke/ staffordshire BBC site, but who knows.

and tadaaa:
Phone: (212) 708-0300

and if they ignore our letter i shall simply call. :-)

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testing 1, 2 [26 Aug 2005|11:17pm]

[ mood | excited ]

look girls, here's what i wrote in the user info for now:

About the EVOLution charity:
Well first of all you should understand our fancy name: EVOLution.. look at it and read the first 4 letters backwards. Do you now see what we're about? :-)

We're basically an online organization who will do a number of different projects for various good causes. Our first project is called "Damaged Dogs" and will be a collection of the most popular fanfiction from the Stargate SG1 fandom in book form. (We still need
permission from MGM for this but we're working on it)
This book will be sold and the ENTIRE profit will go to an animal rights charity as well as the making of a poison awareness booklet which
we will send to vets worldwide to prevent pets from dying from poisoning.

Interested in this project or in another one? We're relatively new but we'd love any kind of suggestions and interest you have in our charity. For this first project we obviously also need YOUR favourite fanfics, so send them in! :-)

tell me what you think. :-)

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